Hair & Fur

Realistic hair and fur

V-Ray renders hair efficiently and flicker-free. It includes an optimized hair material and tools for simple procedural fur. It's compatible with 3ds Max Hair&Fur and popular hair plugins — Ornatrix and HairFarm.

Beautiful hair

Render photoreal hair with V-Ray's physically-based hair shader. With controls for light transmission, primary and secondary speculars – combined with global illumination – you can create any type of hair and fur.

Dynamic tessellation

Hair segments automatically subdivide based on distance from the camera. So your hair looks good up close and far away – without taking up additional memory or render time.

Simple procedural fur

V-Ray includes simple procedural fur and styling tools – helpful for making quick grass, carpets, and fur.

Supported hair formats

  • Alembic curves
  • Ornatrix
  • HairFarm
  • 3ds Max Hair&Fur
  • VRayFur

Video: Faster hair rendering

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